We believe that no two home environments should be the same, each one presenting a different challenge to suit the needs of the premises as well as the individual.  Through careful planning and attention to detail, our design philosophy not only highlights our own dedication to capturing the style of our client, but enhancing the natural beauty of their surroundings. 

We have a deep appreciation not only for modern styles, but with the timeless classic elements allowing for unique styles.  Allow us to bring workable, clean solutions to your everyday home or work life.
We offer a range of interior design services, whether we are working with a single room at a time or a whole house or place of business.             

Aspects of design may include;

  • Choosing paint colors for walls and trim
  • Selecting flooring materials, kitchen and bath fixtures, lighting, fabrics, counter tops, fireplaces, custom artwork, furniture and appliances
  • Floor plans for furniture placement
  • Custom window treatments
  • Kitchen and bath designs.

We work alongside our client to develop a budget, and are available to purchase items, co-ordinate shipping, delivery and installation.
We also offer consultations on any design ideas, as well as remodelling.